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Fast. Affordable. Memories.


Oh yeah, and Frustration-Free! 

We are a talented group of family and portrait photographers based in beautiful Charleston, SC. 

We believe everyone should be able to afford  beautiful memories of their visit to our city so we created a convenient way to schedule quick photo shoots known as mini-sessions. 

Our mini sessions are offered year round! That means no limited seasonal dates to navigate or special rates to try and lock in. We are here for you and your family when it's most convenient!

We're looking forward to meeting you! 📸


All  Charleston  Mini-Sessions include:

✅ Convenient Year Round Availability

✅ 15 - 20 Minute Sessions

✅ 10 Hi-Res Edited Images

✅ The Only CHS Photographer with SAME DAY DELIVERY Option

✅ Curated Charleston Locations

✅ Flexible Scheduling

✅ Frustration Free Experience

✅ Free Parking

✅ All Photos Option

✅ Prints Delivered to Your Home Option




Perfect for adventurous solo travelers who want to create some serious Insta F.O.M.O. 😅


Don't get all dressed up for dinner for nothing! 

Surprise your boo with a private photo shoot 🥰 


Don't think we can handle your kiddos? 

We're pros! (and fast) 😉


Wanna get the whole gang in on the fun? 

Grandma is going to love her new pictures! 👵

Choose Your Session
What does a Charleston Mini Session Include
charleston sc water front park photo shoot.jpg

How are
we different?

HINT: We make pictures in Charleston convenient, fast and affordable. 

Charleston Mini Sessions is all about providing an easy, no hassle experience to your Charleston, SC visit.


We want to help people remember their trip to our beautiful city with affordable pictures of themselves or their entire families! 

We think it's a shame to only capture iPhone selfies 🤳 when you've gone through all the trouble of planning a special trip to this amazing location! So we're making beautiful photos accessible to the masses!

Why a mini session?

Charleston  Mini-Sessions are for people who:

  • want professional beautiful photos in downtown Charleston, SC 🌴🌊😎
  • aren't satisfied with iPhone selfies 🤳
  • don't want to spend an hour or more taking pictures 👶
  • prefer an affordable option to spend more money on famous Charleston restaurants 💸
  • aren't interested in back and forth scheduling and logistics ⏱️
  • are already planning on visiting downtown Charleston, SC 🍍
  • want to schedule last minute photos without interrupting their other activities 📸
  • want the instant gratification of same day photo delivery to share ASAP! 👀 📱
  • live in the greater Charleston area and want some quick family photos...we're looking at you North Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, Nexton! 😉
  • Do you offer longer mini-sessions?
    Charleston Mini-Sessions is all about convenience, simplicity, and affordability. However, our sister brand, Charming Charleston Portraits specializes in longer, more intimate experiences for 60 minutes or longer. They'd love to hear from you!
  • Can I request a specific location? 🌴
    Great question! In order to keep our experience as simple and frustration free as possible, we currently only offer mini-sessions in White Point Gardens. Our goal is to add locations as demand increases...stay tuned!
  • How do I reserve my session?
    Select your session type based on how many people are you in your group. Pick a date and time that works best for you and pay online. That's it!
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my mini-session? 📆
    Yes! We understand you must be busy during your stay in Charleston. Send us an email and we'd be happy to help you reschedule or refund your mini-session. Please keep in mind any changes to your scheduled mini-sessions must take place 24 hours before your session date/time.
  • Do you have an inclement weather policy? ☔
    Absolutely! We understand the weather can quickly change in Charleston. If you'd prefer to reschedule, feel free to reach out to us and we'll help you pick another day/time. If rescheduling is not an option, we always honor refunds related to inclement weather.
  • What if I want more than 10 pictures?
    We offer an unlimited images upgrade just for you! Make sure to select that option at checkout and you'll automatically receive all usable images from your session.
  • Are tips allowed? 💸
    You're so sweet! Tips are never required but always appreciated. Feel free to tip your photographer personally. Thank you!
  • Do you offer prints?
    Of course! We love it when clients print their images to hang on their walls or gift to family and friends. Keep an eye out in your email inbox for a special discount code for prints!
  • Where do we meet?
    All Charleston Mini-Sessions are located in beautiful White Point Gardens. We will meet at the gazebo in the middle of the park to start the session.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Absolutely! You may consider adding on additional time depending on their attention span but fur babies are always welcome! 🐾
  • What about parking?
    There is FREE parking all around the park and we will meet at the gazebo in the middle of that park to start the session.
  • Can I schedule a headshot session?
    Yes! Schedule your headshot here! There are beautiful backgrounds all around the park and we'll guide you to secret areas for that special shot! PS. Book the last session of the day for the best lighting!
  • When can I expect the best lighting?
    Great question! The last 2 sessions of the day will generally always have the best lighting 😍

Frequently Asked Questions

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